18th October 2018

Credit4 continues to help businesses reach growth potential

This month we’re celebrating five years of being part of the dynamic UK lending sector.

Five years ago, Credit4 CEO Gary Trott and his Co-Founder saw there was a need for a lender in the market that would take a more personal approach to funding, rather than rely on algorithms or the ability of SMEs to meet certain criteria. Each business, regardless of their size or credit history, should be afforded the time to be understood and evaluated individually and have access to more flexible funding.

Pricing transparency was identified as a real issue and therefore one of the principles that the businesses was founded on, one that continues to resonate with our customers today.

Credit4 launched in 2013 with our Flexible Funding Facility, a revolving credit facility aimed at businesses requiring access to short-term funds in order to take advantage of opportunities to develop or expand. Being a business that thrives on identifying product gaps and after listening to customer and key brokers’ feedback on how best we could help meet their requirements, in 2015 we introduced a second product, Dual Growth Funding. Dual Growth Funding offers businesses access to the same growth capital, but in bigger amounts over a longer period; in addition to our flexible facility we add a term loan to the same funding line. This has proven to be very popular with SMEs that have seasonal funding requirements or a longer term growth opportunity.

Gary Trott, CEO, comments “We pride ourselves on our relationship-led approach to lending and I am delighted that we have been able to support these growing businesses. Our decisions are not dictated by algorithms and we know our customers appreciate the approachable, personal service we provide in addition to unique products that do what they say they will and are priced transparently.”

Learn how customers have worked with us to expand and develop their businesses.

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