“Credit4 are personable, straightforward, reliable and very engaged in what they are doing – they took the time to get to know my business properly and kept me informed at all stages. The personal approach was refreshing – it was not a “computer says no” attitude. I hope to see their name in lights and shouted from the rooftops.”

Chris Metalle, LHI

“Credit 4 helped us when others would not. They communicated complicated and risk information clearly, comprehensively and professionally. Their methods are efficient and first class, with a staff team any company would be proud of – reducing many of the friction costs associated with small business finance. Our ideas were proved right! If you’re a small company with an idea you believe in, with a sound model that needs financial help – Credit 4 could just be the catalyst that gives you the capital you need to get you moving”.

Daniel White, Co Founder, Avalon Behaviour Ventures Ltd.

“Credit4 were flexible and willing to understand the potential of my business, they took a keen interest in how the business works, it was not just about form filling.”

Dawn Rose, Ragged Rose

“We’re delighted to see the innovative new product, Dual Growth Funding, being introduced by Credit4 – they’ve really understood the needs of the market. It’s great to see lenders working to encourage growing SMEs and the flexibility offered should make this a very popular funding solution for UK businesses.”

Paul Goodman, Goodman Corporate Finance

“We were a young, growing company with a good foundation that needed that extra bit of funding. Credit4 gave us that by way of a very professional, quick and efficient loan to enable my business to grow to the next level.”

Simon D, Managing Director