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The Credit4 Flexible Funding Facility gives businesses access to flexible credit in amounts of between £15,000 and £30,000, for terms of 3 to 12 months to fund their growth.

If agreed, amounts may be drawn, repaid and redrawn as many times as suits your business during the facility term (subject to minimum drawing amounts).

Interest is payable fortnightly, with all drawn capital balances payable by the end of the loan term. The facility is designed to give your business the flexibility to grow and manage its own cashflow.

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How it works


Submit your Flexible Funding Facility application

You apply for the level and term of your facility based on your individual business needs, the facility must be for business purposes and we will require suitable guarantors.


Supply supporting financial information

In addition to our application documentation, we’ll want you to demonstrate the need for the funding by letting us have some financial information, including financial accounts and bank statements.


Draw your funds

Subject to our eligibility criteria, approval and documentation, draw the funds when you need them (minimum drawing amounts apply).


Take control of your interest

Repay and redraw capital amounts anytime (subject to minimum repayment amounts) during the term of your Flexible Funding Facility, giving you control over the interest costs of your facility.


Receive fortnightly statements

We will send you a fortnightly statement outlining the interest due for payment and how to pay.


Repay all funds by the end of the term

Repay all amounts outstanding under your facility at the end of the term. This is a key feature of a Credit4 facility, however all amounts outstanding at the end of the facility will need to be repaid by the end of the term. You can repay in lump sums or one bullet repayment. You must, therefore be confident that your business can afford the repayment or that you will be able to arrange alternative financing at the end of the term.

Flexible Funding Facility Calculator

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Total Amount Repayable* £0

* The facility calculator estimates the Total Charge for Credit and Total Amount Repayable. In calculating the Total Amount Repayable the following assumptions are made; i) that the full facility amount is drawn down, ii) the facility is drawn for the full term, and iii) all daily calculated interest is paid when due. If you decide not to draw the full amount of the facility for the full term then the Total Charge for Credit could be lower. During the facility term, interest will be charged on a daily basis and therefore the total interest payable may differ from that calculated above. Please view our Representative Examples.

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