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  • Eligibility - (1 of 5)

    No business is ever simple but we endeavour to make our application process as straightforward as possible. We also believe in trying to understand your business, which is why our full application will be undertaken with you by a member of the Credit4 team. However, before we start our full application process, we need to check your eligibility and collect some information.

    The following 5 steps allow us to check your eligibility to apply for a Credit4 facility. Please read carefully the statements set out below and if you are able to confirm that they are all true then please tick the confirmation box.

    For details of how we might use your information, please see our privacy policy. Should you require any assistance you can contact us here.

    You must me able to answer "Yes" to all questions to proceed
  • Facility details - (2 of 5)

    Please enter the following details relating to the Credit4 facility that you require. Remember you don’t need to draw the facility all at once. Use the boxes below to tell us how much you need, for how long and for what purpose.

    Only facility amounts of between £15,000 and £30,000 and for a term of between 3 months and 12 months, can be applied for using our web site. Please contact us if your requirement is for an amount or term outside of these ranges. Please note, however that we will only consider applications outside of these ranges in very exceptional circumstances, and will not accept applications for amounts under £15,000 or for less than 3 months.

  • Business details - (3 of 5)

    Now we need some details about your business as well as who owns the business. Please complete the following details:

    The options of 'Sole Trader' and 'Partnerships' are only available for facility amounts above £25000. If your business falls into either of these categories please click the 'Back' button to amend your facility amount.

    Registered Office Address
    Residential Address
    Trading Address Same as Registered Office Address?
    Trading / Business Address Same as Residential Address?
    Contact Details
  • OwnershipPartnerSole Trader Details - (4 of 5)

    Please provide details of any person or entity which owns more than 20% interest in the share capital of the applicant business.

    Please provide details of the Partners in the Partnership which is applying for a Credit4 facility.

    You have given us some information about the Sole Trader in the previous step. We just need to ask you two more questions about the owner of the applicant business

    OwnerPartner 1
    Is this Owner also a Company Director
    Has this person lived at this
    address for more than 3 years?
    Has the Sole Trader lived at
    the address given for more than 3 years?
    You have confirmed that you have not lived at the address
    given for more than 3 years, previous address information will
    be requested from you later in our application process by one of our representatives.
  • Business Obligations - (5 of 5)
    Does the business owe any arrears of VAT/National Insurance/PAYE or Corporation Tax?
    Is the business or any of its Directors, Principals or Owners involved in any claim or lawsuit, or other legal action?
    Has the business or any related parties (directors/owners) ever been subject to insolvency proceedings?
    Are the business or business owners a guarantor for any other purpose?