9th March 2020

Team Profile: Elliott Cureton, Business Development Executive

Elliott joined Credit4 last summer, after graduating from the University of Nottingham where he studied Industrial Economics. Having been in conversation with the team at Credit4 during his final year at University, Elliott eventually joined the team just 2 weeks after finishing his final exam!  His role has expanded in the short time he’s been with us, working alongside Head of Business Development, David Culverhouse, to provide a first point of contact for introducers and clients.

Working with introducers and clients

Since joining the team at Credit4, I’ve come to realise that no two days are the same! We’re always on the lookout for new introducers to add to our panel, so I’m often taking calls and meeting with brokers to discuss ways we could help support their clients.

We understand that our clients’ time is precious, so it’s important to go through any documents detailing businesses’ past and current activities thoroughly, to ensure that we don’t push forward with enquiries without all the facts. I discuss proposals with brokers and our team before engaging with clients, to ensure that we are the right lender to support them.

The Credit4 products provide a very flexible funding solution, and we have a multitude of clients applying for funding every day, each with differing issues that affect their businesses in unique ways. As the first point of contact for prospective clients, I will speak with them at length to ensure we fully understand exactly what they require funding for and tailor our offering to accommodate this.

I take clients through our products and process in depth to ensure they are fully aware of how the products work, associated costs, the application process and how we would look build the relationship going forward.

Relationship focused

Much of my role is about building strong relationships, both within the introducer community and also with individual clients. I find it fascinating to hear the different journeys that clients have undergone to arrive in their present situations. Discussing ways in which we can structure deals to best support not only the businesses themselves, but also the directors behind the scenes, is the most interesting and rewarding part of the job for me.

We’re focused on delivering the best possible service for our clients, so on a day to day basis we’ll be liaising with our underwriting department to ensure that applications are moving forward, and that concise feedback is communicated to clients.

As a team, we also have regular brainstorming sessions to look at ways in which we can continue to provide a better service and develop in our own individual roles.

Knowledge is power

One of the key challenges of this role is keeping up to date with industry changes – the market is constantly evolving, whether this be in the form of new products from similar lenders in our space, or new regulation which changes the way our clients operate. It is a challenge to make sure that what you know is up to date!

My advice to someone entering the industry would be: Read, read and read. Whether you’re speaking with clients, team members or brokers, knowledge is key and enables you to get the most out of conversations. Being up to date with current affairs and market changes, as well as proficiency in finance as a whole, is vital to grow within the industry.

Work hard, play hard

The nature of the job means there are always ways to progress and support the team, so although it can be hard, it’s important to switch off once in a while, win a rugby game or two and relax with friends and family.

Connect with Elliott on LinkedIn or email him at Elliott.cureton@credit4.co.uk to find out how he could help support you or your clients’ needs.